Sales Rep Portal

WookAI is dedicated to providing an environment that respects the old-school way of selling food, but with technology to improve efficiency. Our CEO, Dave, spent time on the street selling food to restaurants in the early days of his career and made sure that he put every tool needed into the WookAI Supplier Dashboard, except for revealing competitors’ prices, to ensure successful selling to both of our clients. The Sales Representative Portal provides a dedicated space for our sales reps to sign up, log in, and access an informational dashboard tailored specifically to their needs. Here’s what our professional sales reps can expect:

Wouldn't it be nice to work a client's account from their storage room?

  • Comprehensive Product Insights: Sales reps can visually explore a complete list of every item, including sizes and detailed product descriptions. We’ve meticulously curated this list to include only the items that meet your business standards. Say goodbye to wasting time on products that don’t align with your brand!
  • Food and Supply Orders Visibility: Not only can reps view the items you purchase directly from them, but they also have access to all the products you’ve ordered—including quantities placed for their sales competitors. Transparency is key, and this feature ensures that our reps stay informed about your needs.
  • Igniting Healthy Competition: While we don’t reveal competitors’ pricing to each other (because integrity matters), we do show our sales reps what and how much you order. This sparks their competitive spirit, motivating them to offer the best service and pricing possible.
  • Strategic Intelligence: Our third invaluable report provides suppliers with insights into your buying habits. We reveal which item numbers from their order guides you actively consider and compare against their competitors. If you’re not purchasing certain items from them, our reps learn that they need to step up their game!

Everything you need to manage products, samples, and communication

  • Efficiency: Say goodbye to manual processes! With the Sales Representative Portal, reps can focus on what matters most—building relationships and driving sales—instead of sifting through irrelevant products.
  • Price Optimization: By understanding your preferences, our reps can tailor their offerings and improve their pricing. If you’ve purchased an item elsewhere, they’ll know it’s time to sweeten the deal.
  • Sample Requests: Need samples for items you’re not currently purchasing from a specific supplier? Our platform provides a seamless way for reps to offer you those samples.

How Can You Get Started?

  • Sales Reps: Simply sign up and log in to the portal using your credentials. Your personalized dashboard awaits!
  • Suppliers: Encourage your sales reps to explore this feature. It’s a win-win for everyone!