Recipes, Prep, and Menu Costing

At WookAI, we understand that managing a restaurant involves juggling multiple tasks, from creating delectable recipes to ensuring profitability. That’s why we’ve developed powerful tools that put you in control of your menu costs. Let’s dive into how WookAI can transform your restaurant’s pricing strategy:


  • Quickly create recipes from raw ingredients, including total batch weight or volume, recipe instructions, and links to how-to training videos.

Prep Planning

  • Create seasonal preparation schedules and plans, including daily flat or dynamic par levels for all recipes.
Create Par-levels for all of your recipe items

Menu Item Costing

  • Quickly combine recipes and supplies to build any item on your menu.
  • The live costs from your suppliers are continually updated, keeping your menu cost data at your fingertips.
  • With WookAI’s simple menu item/plate cost interface, you can confidently create menu items. Our system considers the real-time costs of ingredients, ensuring accurate pricing.


MenuMatic simplifies WookAI’s abilities by offering:

  • Customized cost goals: Users set their desired cost of goods for individual menu items and receive alerts if any item exceeds the profitability threshold due to supplier cost changes.
  • Net sales pricing: WookAI suggests a sales price that aligns with profitability goals, analyzing ingredient costs and historical data.
  • Automated price adjustments: MenuMatic updates net sales price in WookAI’s database with rounded proposed prices. Goodbye manual adjustments!

Coming Soon...

We’re not stopping there. Imagine the following possibilities:

  • Dynamic Pricing: Your menu prices can change daily, weekly, or monthly based on supplier prices. WookAI ensures your restaurant stays competitive and profitable.

  • Seamless Integration: We’re actively exploring MenuMatic’s integration with POS systems and third-party ordering platforms. Soon, you’ll seamlessly sync your updated prices across your entire digital ecosystem.

  • QR Code Menus: Imagine QR code-based menus with real-time pricing—no more outdated printed menus!

At WookAI, we’re committed to empowering restaurants with data-driven decisions. Join us on this culinary journey, where every dish is delicious and profitable.

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