Organized Purchasing

WookAI's Master Supply List or Item List

Inventory List

  • Item Names: List the names of each supply item.
  • Detailed Descriptions: Provide concise descriptions for each item, highlighting its purpose or specific characteristics.
  • Storage Locations: Specify where each item is stored within the restaurant (e.g., pantry shelf, freezer, dry storage).
  • Categorization of Products: Group similar items together based on their type (e.g., produce, meat, condiments).
  • Usage, Cost, and Count: Record the appropriate unit of measurement for each item (e.g., kilograms, liters).
  • Par Levels: Create an ideal stocking level for each inventory item.

Add Your Suppliers

  • WookAI works with Sysco, US Foods, PFG, Sofo, GFS, Ferraro, FoodPro, Restaurant Depot, Lisanti, Cheney Brothers, Van Eerden, Ben E. Keith, and more…
WookAI's List of Suppliers is always growing
A One Time Mapping is Easy with Wook's UI

Map Supplier Items

  • Once the order guides are in place, perform a one-time mapping of your WookAI supply list to the specific items you use from each supplier.
  • This mapping connects the dots between your preferred products and the offerings from different suppliers.
  • For example, if you consistently order a specific brand of olive oil, WookAI associates it with the relevant supplier’s item code.

Ordering and Receiving

Wook Compares Supplier Prices While Ordering

  • Our single point of order is now integrated with your suppliers’ prices and, when updated, automatically knows your best price for everything.
  • In addition, WookAI factors your contracted rebates into the price comparisons.
  • Dig deeper for savings by shopping for items within the same supply house’s product catalog that meet your specifications.
  • Remember, WookAI ordering ignores suppliers whose products were not approved during mapping.
  • Minimum case counts and dollar amounts are automatically considered.
WookAI's Ordering Interphase Knows The Best Price for Everything
Submit all of your Supplier Orders from One Page

Send Orders to Suppliers

  • Send your completed orders to sales representatives instantly via email or online import (available for some suppliers).
  • Sales representatives will also receive a confirmation text message for your orders.
  • Orders will be stored in PDF, Excel, and printable formats.

Receiving and Invoice Analysis

  • Locations should place orders through the WookAI software.
  • Upload each location’s order invoices into WookAI for automatic analysis and comparison between orders placed and the corresponding invoices received.
  • Is the invoiced price the same as the price from the order guide at the time the order was placed?
  • Are all the item numbers present?
  • Does the invoiced quantity match the quantity ordered?
  • Are there any substitute items present?
Upload Invoice and WookAI automatically compares to invoice to the order that you placed with the supplier.
The supplier price change report shows every item that changed price on your supplier order guide. BTW... WookAI offers the Supplier Price Check Report to you for only $2.99 per month!
The ordering page compares supplier prices with your rebates. Rebates are tracked for line items, suppliers, and manufacturers.
Our system generates price reports for suppliers' order guides, offering pricing trend insights to facilitate informed decisions and track changes automatically, saving time while keeping you informed.

Supplier Price Changes. Item Price History, Rebate Tracking and Reporting

  • Price change and price history reports
  • Multi-level rebate reports containing line item, supplier, and manufacturer rebates

Inventory and Cost of Goods

  • Mobile App
  • Simultaneous inventory counting and supplier ordering
  • Team facility counting (by zone, category, and items)
  • Total and categorical cost of goods reporting
  • Variance Reports Ideal vs Actual Stock
  • Current live value of inventory

Contracts... Negotiate and Monitor

  • Supplier contract negotiation platform.
  • Easily navigate multiple supplier contract bids.
  • Experience multiple rounds of transparent supplier negotiation.
  • After sealing the deal, manage and audit supplier contracts.
  • Single dashboard for multi-unit, franchise, and enterprise-level contract price control and management.