Money-Back Guarantee

"We promise to save you at least the value of your membership; if we don't, we'll refund you the difference.
Memberships may be canceled at any time."

Price Checker

Monitors and Reports every change in your supplier's weekly pricing!
$2.99 / month
  • Each Additional Supplier $1.99 / month
  • Supplier Price Change Monitoring
  • Sets Up in Minutes

Menu Management

Live menu item costing that updates based on your current supply prices!
$100 / month
  • *Requires Price Comparison Plan
  • Each Additional Location $50 / month
  • Supplier Price Change Monitoring
  • Supply List Import or WookAI List Builder
  • Supplier Order Guide Integration
  • Ordering
  • Dynamic Inventory Par Levels
  • Supplier Best Price Shopping
  • Pricing table list item
  • Receiving, Invoice Auditing
  • Inventory & Cost of Good Reporting
  • Muli Level Rebate Tracking
  • Enterprise Level Price Management
  • Supplier Contract Negotiation & Management
  • Supplier Contract Auditing
  • Integrated with Supplier Portal Network
  • FREE Video Guided Setup
  • EZ Recipe Builder & Costing
  • Dynamic Recipe Prep Par Levels
  • Prep Production Management
  • EZ Menu Item and Plate Costing
  • WookAI MenuMatic
  • Save $500 with a yearly plan...